Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Three months off

I haven’t played hockey in three months. It wasn’t intentional, it just worked out that way. It was nice to have a break from hockey.

At the end of the winter season, I was happy it was over. Some seasons I’m ready for a small break, but this winter was different. The season was disappointing in a variety of areas for me. I wasn’t happy about my performance on the ice. I started whining towards the officials. All of these and more were just evidence and/or consequences of me not wanting to be around hockey.

The three months without hockey were actually productive. I started recognizing how bad my diet had become and made steps to change it. I got back into the gym enough so that I spent more time there in these three months than I did all season. I rediscovered old hobbies and found new ones as well. I did quite a bit.

When it came time to put the skates on again, I wasn’t that thrilled. I knew if I didn’t do it though, I’d probably not play for another year. Still, I committed to playing and I know how bad it is to have people fall short on commitments. I’m going to put forth my effort like I normally do. I’m going to follow through on my commitment. But I’m doing this season for myself. I want to just have fun. I’m not going to focus on making things go smoothly for everyone.