Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easton S19 Helmet Curiosity

I’ve always kind of watched the newest technologies that come out in hockey equipment. When I heard about the Easton S19 helmet, I really was curious because it was new, the recent problem of head shots in the NHL, and I’ve loved every Easton product I’ve had.

The S19 is the first one piece helmet. That’s right, there’s no adjusting to it, no screws, no nothing. Well – it does have a little adjustment in the back of it to tighten and loosen it, but only very little. The thing is damn impressive. It was light as hell, and there’s no give in it. I tried to crush it with my hands and it really didn’t budge. I tried that with a normal two piece helmet and was shocked how much you could move it in comparison.

I question how comfortable it will be. Because it is a helmet, and has very little in terms of adjustments, I have to imagine that there are going to be a lot of people who hate the thing. On the inside, the parts where it makes contact with the head, it has this tough little gel. I’m curious as to how it will perform in a game. Instead of the traditional foam that is inside the helmet, it is this strong black Styrofoam stuff.

At $170, it is difficult me to really want to pick it up, but I am excited about this. I think it is going to change how helmets are made. Once a few more are released, and problems are fixed, I will probably pick one of these up based on reviews.

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