Friday, August 13, 2010

Immortals Game 2010-08-11 - Black And Blue

One thing I think the Immortals needs more of is energy. I watched a game from the stands one night and I noticed that there wasn't a whole lot of balls-out play from most of our players. Some of them may be afraid of getting hurt, others don't want to, maybe some are still not comfortable on skates. I've been in each of those positions at some point in the past year.

I see myself as one of the balls-out players. I'll chase down loose pucks, I'll bang the body, I'll do what I can... when I feel I can. Lately, I've felt awesome and that made me want to use my energy as an example to bring the rest of the guys who are more tentative to become a bit more gutsy.

The next day my legs were sore, knee was bruised, hip had the biggest black and blue bruise I've had in years, and my fingers were slightly bruised and swollen. The fingers were from face-offs, and I knew they'd be this way after the second period. My knee was bruised as a result of a slash/tripping penalty when I was racing to get the puck out of our slot. My hip was probably from crashing into the boards.

Either way, I played a very black and blue game. I drew one penalty, but I didn't take any. I felt I played a physical game, wand was clean. However - I'm feeling it today, and will for another week. I wonder how NHL players can do this night in and night out. They have trainers and such, but time is what really heals anything.

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