Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Goaldiggers Game - 2010-10-23

This entry will be short for a number of reasons.

I feel I played about average. My first three shifts, I thought it was going to be the best game I ever played. I had a couple of defensive breakups, I was carrying the puck well, and I had a great scoring chance. The center came down the left, and I sprinted down the center, slightly to right as I got closer to spread the d-men apart. He cut over, and gave me the puck. I remember the nightmare situation from last game, so I took my time, I settled it down, and fired it for the top right corner. It had room, and the goalie had little to no chance. Unfortunately, it went wide, and that ended the scoring chance. At least I didn't whiff.

I also got my money out of some of my equipment in one shift. The defenseman was firing the puck up the boards. It was waist high, and I went against the boards to stop it with my body, and it hit me in the family jewels. It's been a while since that piece of equipment was put to use, so I forgot how it still stings, despite being completely protected.

I'm really starting to feel more comfortable in this league. I get that I rarely score goals, but a lot of guys are like that. If you look at most teams. 60% of the goals come from a couple of players. It is the small plays that I'm making that make me feel like I can stay at this level. I'm still not getting points, and I'm still making mistakes, but I'm making a difference, and I don't feel that I'm as big of a liability. My speed and effort are coming into play, and as soon as I'm back in shape, I feel that I'll be a lot better. It is only a matter of time before I start putting up some points with the Goaldiggers.

Unfortunately, the next Goaldiggers game isn't for about three weeks. I'm really not liking how the league is being run since the new guy took it over.


  1. You know, I've always been just as happy playing solid D or making a nice pass as I am scoring goals.

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