Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Replacement Lace Locks for RBK skates

A few weeks ago I broke the lace lock on my RBK 9K skates. This caused me to wrap the lace around my ankle that night, and then use a shorter lace until the new piece came in. Not a big deal, but I've grown to really like the lace lock because you can make the lower laces a different tightness than the top of the laces.

The hardest part is finding the replacement lace lock, and I found it for you. I found it at a small site called Hockey Boss. Aside from the extra charges for a shirt disguised as shipping and handling, I couldn't be more pleased with their store. They shipped it very quickly, and will put them on my list of sites to check regularly when I need new equipment.

Replacing it was just as simple as you'd think. Unscrew, remove, insert, screw back in. The problem is I couldn't find anywhere or any site that would show instructions on it. As long as you can use a screw driver, you're set.


  1. Maybe if your laces weren't green, it wouldn't have broken...

  2. Thank you for finding this for me! One of my lace locks rusted and is tearing up my laces.

  3. No problem. That's a big reason I put this one up.

  4. I went to the site and the link isn't there.