Friday, May 20, 2011

Goaldiggers Game - 2011-05-17

This was the first game for the Goaldiggers after our Kalamazoo trip. It is the start of our new season, and I knew that meant we wouldn't get off to a slow start as our team usually does after long layoffs. The problem this week is that we were missing our two best players. This caused a real lack of offense on our team. I think we entered the zone once in the first period. It wasn't good. The opponents were one of the top teams in our league.

So we had 10 guys again, meaning we were only rolling with two forward lines. I knew I could keep up simply because my conditioning felt good the night before. I got a lot of extra ice time throughout the night, and I was fine with it. I still feel like a greedy player when I do it though. I used to be able to play an entire game and not come off the ice, and I'm trying to get back to that level again.

The first half of the game was bad. We couldn't generate anything, and our forwards were just sloppy. I think we started playing better when we upped the pressure on our fore-check. We'd force them to make passes they didn't want, and they would either miss the pass, or put that player in a position where he didn't have much help. Our defense is outstanding, and I think that if we can keep it to 2 on 2 situations, we'll come out ahead frequently. We really play better when we have our guys spread out.

Still, we lost 5-0, but we gave it a good effort. Missing 3 guys, and two being your best players is tough.

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