Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Goaldiggers game 2011-06-07

I didn't write about this game right away because I wanted to just get it out of my mind for a bit. Apparently, I was visually upset during the game, despite me not even remembering it less than a few minutes after it was well over.

We had two solid lines and two sets of defensemen. To me that means that I have plenty of subs. I felt going into the game it was a beatable team and I felt very good. I came out flying. For the first 10 minutes of the game, my line did an outstanding job of keeping the puck out of our own zone, and fore checking. Multiple scoring chances were generated by our line as a result of solid anticipation by our skaters and rushing the puck carrier. We still have a tendency to not read each other very well as we're still new but it will come.

At the end of the first we lost our best forward because of an equipment problem. There was a problem for the first 3 shifts of constantly questioning who is going where and when. I didn't skate full out afterward as we now had a short bench. I still felt like I was moving quick though. But our defensemen just got tired. We couldn't get the puck out of our own zone, and we couldn't gain control of it long enough to the zone after it was cleared. We didn't generate too many shots. I had one that went off the post and wide, and another where the goalie stopped it and didn't give up a rebound.

I look back and try and figure out why I was frustrated. I am honestly unsure. I felt I played well for me, and I'm starting to question if the team's talent is where I thought it was. Typically we play poorly after a long layoff like we just had, and without one of our best players, I'm not exactly sure what I was expecting. I'd say 75% of our goals come from two or three guys, so when we lose one of those guys, we don't generate any offense, any goals, scoring chances or anything.

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