Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scrimmage 3 on 3 - 2011-07-24

Sunday afternoon 3 on 3. Good fun. I knew a few of the guys playing, but there were 3 that were being evaluated for HNA. As a result, there were times where I'd play very hard against them, and other times where I'd let them show their skills. What amazed me was because of that, I wasn't playing hard the whole time, and I still felt tired.

I tried to stay back and let the guys on my team play offense for the most part. Even sitting back, I could contribute offensively because we were on studio ice. The puck would get thrown out, I'd chase it down, couldn't see any good passes, but I could see the goalie, so I practiced my slap shot a few times. It has improved greatly just from a little practice in the past few weeks.

The goalies said that I was taking the puck in front of my own net a lot, which is uncharacteristic of me when I do play defense. I'm almost always throwing it off the boards and out. But on a small rink, that option may not always be there. Three feet to the left may be fine on a standard rink, but with studio ice, you've got no room. Maybe I was trying to work on my stick handling in traffic? I know there were a couple of times that I made uncharacteristic moves to practice.

I was tired when done, and I think I helped the evaluation of a few players. There was times I'd go at them really hard, and others where I let them go to show skill. I worked on my shot, and I just had some fun.

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