Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sharp skates - I like it!

My performance in the last Goaldiggers game was a little concerning to me. I've been playing extremely well for the past month. I'd like to continue that pattern, so that I can become more reliable, and become more confident which is a huge hole in my game. I came out slow, and without energy. Knowing it is summer, and that we were at the Edge, I knew the ice was going to be awful, and suspected that my skates needed a good sharpening. Unfortunately, I couldn't make it to the place that usually sharpens my skates so I tried someplace else.

I just got back from the game with the freshly sharpened skates and it just makes a big difference for me.

Sharp skates are a must for me now, especially in the summer. I always read that you're supposed to get them sharpened every 10ish skates or so depending on how aggressive you skate. As I've gotten to become a better skater, I've started become more comfortable on my edges, and even more aggressive than I was a year ago.

So now that I'm starting to learn more and more about my skates and what I do like, I need to figure out what hollow I do want. I've always just gone with a 1/2 inch. That's seemed fairly standard. To be honest, I have been too afraid to try anything else. I got a 1/2 inch hollow this time, so maybe next time I'll try an eighth up or down. I don't know.

What I do know is that I'm playing a lot more than I used to, and I'm skating harder than I used to, so I'll need to get them sharpened more. I remember a stretch when I first started playing, I went about 6 months without a sharpening and it was a different experience afterward. If anyone has any advice after seeing me play, please, talk to me about it because this is something I know very little about. I'm a light guy, I play different positions, on different types of ice and it all needs to be accounted for.

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