Monday, October 31, 2011

Goaldiggers vs. North Stars 2011-10-25

I got to the rink a little later than normal, and was the third one. I was concerned that we'd have to forfeit. We ended up having 9 skaters - a trend lately for the Goaldiggers.

Well, it wasn't pretty. Our team was just flat all night. Forwards weren't back checking, players were bunching up and playing on top of each other. It was just bad all around. I felt like I wasn't skating well. It felt like I had to skate twice as hard to go at my normal pace.

It felt like any time I'd have a puck come by me I was off balance, or I just couldn't reach it. An example was I was in a turn, and I was leaning on my stick to make the turn faster, but then the puck came by me, I couldn't do anything because if I moved my stick, I'd fall.

Once it was 5-0, I felt I needed to skate as hard as I could. Fore checking spread out their team a bit, but we just didn't have the energy to take advantage of it more than once or twice. I had one shot off the rush where I took a hard shot (slow for normal players), hoping for a rebound, but there wasn't anyone there. I tried to gain more confidence with the puck, and try different things at that point. I think total we had less than 10 shots on the other goalie, so we really had no chance the way we were skating.

It was a long game.

I wonder if I eat enough food during the week to play? I remember when I was playing well a month or two ago, I was eating fast food a lot more frequently, and the past little while, I've made some changes in my diet. Maybe I'll eat more bacon during the week.

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