Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goaldiggers vs. Raiders - 2011-10-18

I felt I got better and more effective as the game went on. Our opponents were much bigger, and more talented than us. They had a few guys who were just amazing skaters and stick handlers.

My entire first period, I felt I wasn't going to be effective. Twice I was just outworked on the boards, either because I was pinned against the boards with ease, or they were just more talented. We went down 2-0 really early, and team morale just kind of dropped. I was fortunate enough afterward, to draw a tripping penalty when racing for a loose puck along the boards, but I think on that power play, they scored a shorthanded goal.

In the second period, they started to let up a little, as they were up 4-0. It was clear they were going to beat us, and they just let us take possession off the face off. I tried to just play my best and keep going hard, despite the score. I focused on playing defense, and covering the point better. A few times I had came back faster than the other forwards so I was in the slot. I had a decent break up in the slot. I was able to make a good saucer pass across the ice on the break out to the opposing winger that surprised myself. Another surprising area was when I was covering on the blue line and able to break up the play. The practices with the Coyotes apparently payed off.

In the third, I had my best period in a while. I was able to skate around a player a couple of times. I was still a little cautious around the boards and in the corners. I think maybe next practice I have, I'll practice racing to the board, picking up a loose puck, turning and looking for options. At one point in the third, I had a breakaway from the blue line in. I was trying to read the play and saw the play so I was able to get behind the defensemen, and receive the pass. Unfortunately, he caught me, and I didn't get a shot off. I had a good scoring chance when I was able to intercept the pass from the goalie behind the net. I knocked it down, picked it up and tried to do a wrap around and put it into an empty net. The problem was that I was on my back hand and had little control. It didn't bother me at all but had I been in my forehand, it would have.

So after being on the ice for the second time in two nights, I'm exhausted and sore. I'm not sure if all of this post makes sense or is coherent, but it is what it is.

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