Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Goaldiggers vs. X-Men 2011-10-03

The Goaldiggers had one more player than we did last week, which makes a big difference. Still, we had players playing out of position because of it. We were playing against a beatable team, but for some reason, we just don't beat.

In the first period, the team played very well. The passing was good, and everyone was in the right areas. We generated a lot of chances just as we entered the zone. At one point we had a 3 on 2, with me down the center, and the puck on the left. The puck came back to me, and I flipped it towards the goalie, through the defense men. The right winger was able to pick up the juicy rebound and pound it home.

From then on, I don't feel I played as well as I could have. Every time on the face off, I was out muscled to get to loose pucks. When I did gain possession, I didn't really generate anything.

I feel I did well on board battles though. There were a few times where I was able to pin the player along the boards and allow a team mate to come in and pick up the puck.

I didn't skate as hard as I should have. I just didn't have the energy to do so. I hadn't been on ice since our last game, so I definitely wasn't in shape, But I feel I should have still been able to skate harder. I just felt slow all night.

A bigger issue was I was no where to be found on the breakout pass. I believe this is partially because I was tired, but more so because I need to have better recognition of where I should be.

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