Monday, January 16, 2017

Piranhas vs. Vipers

My hips were tight and I didn't get as long of a nap as I wanted before the game. I knew it was going to be a difficult game as a result. I did my best to stretch as much as I could as long as I could before the game but it wasn't helping much. My back felt great though.

I had different line mates than I usually do, but that's expected when you have a short bench like the Piranhas have all year. I started off on center, and for a change, I was actually winning faceoffs. I had won a few the game before, and I was winning them cleanly and with control tonight. At the very worst, I was tying up the opponent and the puck would just sit there.

My line had a lot of speed, and it showed on the first shift. We had a couple of shots, but not great ones. We were in the offensive zone nearly the entire time we were on the ice for the first period. But eventually the short bench would come back and bite us. Wingers would go to low to help out tired defensemen and centers weren't getting low enough. 

There was a lot of board work, and it seemed this team was made of giants. They moved the puck well, lifted sticks, and made it difficult to move out there. I made some ok passes, but a few were too hard. Others were off the ice.

I really tried to focus on possession of the puck this game. The team had discussed a few things openly that we could change. I get a lot rushes because of my speed. I shoot, and have no one there for the rebound. I need to figure out something else to do with the puck because the shots are being seen clearly. I tried carrying the puck low and coming back up, gaining some time, drifting a little bit wider, and even driving to the net once. I didn't let that distract me from when I had the puck in a high scoring area, I was getting it to the net.

The Piranhas lost 3-1, with the empty net against. A close game, but still a loss.

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