Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Goaldiggers Game - 2010-01-26

Lately I've been working hard on my skating. I noticed that I tend to move my feet really fast and that doesn't necessarily translate into speed. I've been taking less strides but better quality ones and it has really increased my speed and balance (or so it feels).

Tonight was the first night in a league game since the new focus. League games to me are a time to just go all out. I don't mind receiving contact, and I don't mind giving a little when necessary. The problem is yes, I'm faster, but my skating still sucks. I have a hard time stopping and I have a hard time with my turns. I can do them at low speeds, but when I am going fast, I have hard time stopping or turning. It really came to be a problem tonight as I felt I was a bit too physical. I continuously made contact with one D-man on the fore check and trying to get the puck out of the zone. He became extremely frustrated with me, and I can't say I blame him. It is a no contact league.

Overall, I think it wasn't a bad game for me, but it wasn't a good one. For me, it was nice that I got a chance or two. I had one backhander from down low that hit the post, got the rebound, went around and tried to give it to another forward, but it didn't get there. My defense was ok too. I think my d-man only got off one shot because I was down too low.

One issue I have is in our league, d-men like to jump into the play, and act as a fourth forward. When it is my d-man, I often expect I should jump in and cover him, but quickly another forward jumps back out for me to cover. It is a judgment call. Tonight, the d-man came down low and I did follow him. He got the puck in the slot but I was right behind him to tie up his stick.

I think we lost like 7-2 or something.

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