Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Team Jerseys

Jerseys are something that I take great pride in. If you look in my closet, you’ll find a ton of NHL jerseys. I take very good care of them but I do wear them regularly. The problem is that they’re expensive. And that also comes down to the amateur level.

The Immortals are getting white jerseys, and I’ve offered to do a majority of the legwork on them. There isn’t a clear consensus on what the team wants, but the most common request is something cheaper. I like this. While the thrill of wearing a jersey that matches your team is great, really – it can get overly expensive. When you can pay $35 for a jersey with your logo, name and number on it, and pay $80 for a jersey with the same, just nicer quality, is the difference worth $45? To me, I rather take that $45 and spend it on some equipment. It doesn’t matter if I wear a $10 practice jersey, or a $300 authentic NHL jersey, I’m going to play the same. As long as I can identify who is and isn’t on my team, I’m fine.

I feel that the cheap mesh jerseys last just as long as the nice air knit jerseys. So really, it is nothing but a financial choice. I’m curious as to how others feel about their teams’ jerseys and what is ideal for them.

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