Friday, July 30, 2010

Accuracy Sucks

Last night during practice, I noticed something. I miss the net – a lot. And that really drives me nuts. I feel like they’re wasted shots. I rather put it in the goalies chest than miss the net.

I don’t understand. I used to be so accurate in inline. I wonder if it is partly I’m still getting used to ice. But it has been a year now. My accuracy should have improved. I also believe part of my problem is strength. I’m not able to lift the puck as quickly as I should. I also believe I’m not rolling my wrists. I attribute that partly to playing golf. When I roll my wrists in golf, my shots go all over. They’re two different games, yes. But they have similar motions, and I have a problem in I do the same motions in both games. I went back to an older, shorter stick (about an inch and half different) and it definitely helped.

I also must follow through on my shots. That should help get some of the speed back into my shots.

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