Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Semi-Finals, Goaldiggers 2010-08-02

Last night we had the semi-final game for the Goaldiggers. I was ready for it. I had gotten to the rink early, got nice and warmed up and I was ready. Went through warm ups, sat on the bench prepared.

Our team knew that they had one standout player, who scored more than 50% of their goals, so he was the guy to watch. Tonight he was playing defense.

I played good for the first six minutes of the game, then I kicked it up a level. My fore checking was more aggressive than normal tonight, which would later show benefits. By the second, our team was really clicking. At one point I did a give and go with our d-man, which gave us a lead, and my first assist of the night.

After that, I had a great night. I had a decent check on their star player while on the forecheck. I also used my body more than once to keep the puck in and protect the puck. Any time the puck would come to me, it felt like I made the right choice. Multiple times I had the puck behind the net and just took it to the front, hoping for a rebound or mishandle by the goalie. My forecheck was great tonight – and caused a lot of bad passes, which left their players stuck inside the zone, causing a few odd man opportunities.

We won 6-3 and have the championship game on Sunday.

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