Monday, August 9, 2010

Championship Game, Goaldiggers 2010-08-09

Last night was the championship game. I got a great nap in with the dog before the game, had all of my equipment ready, got there early – I had never been so excited to play. The championship game before us went into a shootout. How exciting. The problem is that the ice afterwards was incredibly bad. On humid days, skating on the ice when it’s still wet, of course it is going to be bad.

The problem is when you’re a bad skater, and have dull blades, you’re not going to skate well. It felt like I was in sand all night. As a result, I didn’t play as well as I had in the past. I through a couple of checks, broke up a play here and there, but I wasn’t as effective as I was in the past.

I wasn’t the only one feeling it last night either. Our best player was really out of it, and so was our goaltender. No one seemed to be fired up. At the end though, there was no hanging of the heads. Yes, we lost, but we were proud that we made it that far. A little over a year ago we couldn’t imagine playing for the championship. Yes we added a lot of good players. But for the most part, the make up of our team is the same.

In my opinion, we were not the better team last night. I think if it was a best of seven series though, we would have won.

Next session, the college kids will leave the league, and it sounds like if every team member will be back. I like our chances to win next year. Our team is getting better and better. I know I’m getting better and contributing in more ways than I was in the past. I’m going to work that much harder as well because I want to win now. I never thought about it, but now that I realize I was close, it is my goal.