Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Goaldiggers 2010-09-19

This was the first game of the season for the Goaldiggers. After about six weeks of not seeing each other, we were finally on the ice together again. Most of the team had not skated since then, so I expected the team to be rusty.

We were playing a team who was playing together for the first time. It is evident by the poor passes, guys who aren’t necessarily very talented, and a few miscommunications.

I was ready for the game. I got a good nap in, had a decent meal before hand and was fairly hydrated. This was a good game for me. They did have some talent, and they weren’t so good that they could dance circles around me. During one of their break outs, the player dropped the pass at the red line. I was able to come back, and give it to my d-man, who gave it right back to me to bring up the wing. I knew if I hustled, I could get around on him – especially since he was right handed and I was going on the left wing boards. I was right next to him with control of the puck and he just hammered me into the boards. I ended up with my feet in front and me sitting up, much like you would sit against the wall. But since I kept moving my feet, our team got the power play.

Over the course of the game, we had our chances. Their goalie was outstanding. I had approximately 5 shots, and one one-timer that went wide. I did my job. I worked as hard as I could, back checked and broke up plays. That’s what I do. I don’t score goals, and I can make a nice pass, but pressure is where I’m strongest.

At one point in the third, we were on a 3 on 2 and I was the second man in. I went hard to the net with my stick down, waiting for the puck to be fired or a pass. I was being pushed by one of their bigger guys, at which point my goal was balance myself and I’ll be set. But when I met the other d-man who gave me a good knock down to the ground, I definitely felt it right in front of the slot, but I had my chances.

We eventually one 2-1, but out shot them something like 35-10. The score was not a good indicator of the game.

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