Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Immortals Game 2010-09-20

I went into this game unfocused to tell you the truth. I showed up later than normal, had to rush to get ready, tape my stick at the rink, and so on. This is something I hate doing. The Immortals have a new goalie. He’s a bit more experienced, and comes out and plays the puck more. It really helped our team use our speed a lot more, and added a lot more flow to the game.

I came out flying. I was breaking up loose plays left and right. It was the second of a back-to-back night, so it didn’t take much to get my legs under me. I only had one sub who isn’t in the best of shape, so I didn’t get too many breaks. However, when we added someone else and it resulted in more sitting for me, that’s when I got tired. At one point I was sitting for a good six minutes (with whistles and stoppages). At that point my heart slowed down, and so did I. It made me play a lot worse.

I felt that night I was better than most anyone else on the ice until I had that long stoppage. At one point I came low, picked up a puck in my own zone. I had one guy pressuring me and I panicked and iced the puck. I was furious at that point. I had no idea what I was doing. Why did I ice it? I could have gone around, passed to the center, banked it off the boards – done so much more than ice it.

At one point we were on the power play. I still have to get better at what to do out there. I was set up along the half boards. I didn’t have a good shot, but I could see the other winger’s stick right there in the crease. With no pressure on me, and no shot, I decided I was going to put it on his stick. I fired it right at his stick and it went past the two d-men, right on his stick but it wasn’t square and popped up on him.

I had one assist off a rebound from my shot, but other than that I didn’t show up on the score sheet.

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