Friday, September 17, 2010

Immortals Game 2010-09-15

I went into the game in a relaxed mood. I was looking to take it easy, and not be overly aggressive like my last handful of games. It was probably the best ice I’ve been on in a few months, but that could be because it is starting to get less humid out.

Early on I was winded, which is somewhat strange as I had plenty of people rotating on my position. I attribute it to not very many games lately. So I slowed down, played my game. My stick handling and shooting were bad all night I think. I had plenty of chances to just hammer someone down, but with my last handful of performances, it was probably good that I didn’t.

I feel offensively, I played an above average game. I had two assist and a goal. The assist came first. While standing in front of the net, the shooter shot, it deflected off my skate and the other winger was able to pick up the rebound and put it home. The goal was similar. The goalie left a big fat rebound to my left. He sprawled out to cover but I picked it up, took it as far as I could to my right and put it in.

I should have had three goals though. I missed empty nets quite a few times because the goalie came way out and mishandled the puck. I think I made one bad pass. I was patient in the corner, and I saw the center in the slot. I wasn’t pressured at all but I put it through a few defenders sticks, right to my center. Unfortunately, he missed the pass and it went right to the d-man.

We lost 9-4, and I was even for the night. Me on the power play was really bad. I need to learn that two minutes is a very long time and to calm down and relax.

This was a good warm up game for the Goaldiggers game on Sunday, followed by another Immortals game the next Monday. It should make the back to back easier.

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