Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Skate Lace Colors

It has been a while since I've done a post about equipment. I'm actually emailing a team mate about what may be the most insignificant piece, the skate laces. Once you get your length, and waxed preference, is there really anything else? For me there is... color.

See, at some point, instead of using white/black laces I made the switch to different colors. I started with red, and now I've switched to neon green. I'm getting almost to the point where I need new laces, so it is better to be prepared and have them in your bag BEFORE they break. So what color will I get?
I went with the red because that was what color my new team, the Immortals were. Occasionally, people would ask about them and my excuse was, "They make me skate faster." When I bought my new RBK 9K skates, I wanted waxed laces at that point, and my red ones were in need of replacing anyway. I picked neon green to go with the trim all around the skate. They look really sharp.

The brightness really got the attention of my team mates and it became somewhat of a joke. "Green make me handle the puck better." It is kind of like how Denis Rodman would dye his hair. Now that I'm in need of new laces, I question if I should change colors. One team mate said that they'd wear green laces on the Goaldiggers if I paid for them... I'm paying for them. And now, I'm wondering what my laces should be. Blue? Purple? Orange? Stay with neon green?

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