Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chicago Bruins Adult Hockey Class 2010-12-08

I was very excited about this practice to be on the ice with an old friend. He and I hit the ice, I did my stretching and skating drills. I feel my skating in a strait line has gotten significantly better. Occasionally I'll catch a rut and get off balance, but it is time for me to now resharpen my skates.

The bag of pucks was once again dumped in the neutral zone, and I did the stick handling of each of them as fast as I could. They'd get away, and I didn't have to chase them. A good feeling. I tried a couple of toe drags, and wasn't able to connect on them even at a medium speed. What this does is it helps you get used to just gliding the puck across the ice. I try to go as far apart as I can, at a reasonable speed.

During drills, it was reinforced that the weakest part of my game is the skating. Edgework and balance was our focus. I am not able to skate balanced. I'm not able to fall balanced, or get up in a balanced way. I need to work on my strength and balance. I'm going to get out my balance board again.

The scrimmage, I played D for the first 70% of the night. It was clear that I need to work on my patience and positioning. I don't play D often, so it is no wonder why I don't do as well as I'd like. In my defense though, the forwards just kept skating backwards on top of me. We basically let them take it into our zone no problem. Once I moved up, I made sure we fore checked, and it caused a lot of problems for the other team. All three forwards had some experience and worked well together for a good 3 minutes of zone time. I would dig in corners, a bigger guy had no problem shooting the puck, and the other winger would constantly be picking up rebounds.

I think the intensity annoyed the opponents because we weren't letting them bring up the puck. The problem is those guys were on a team together. If we just let them skate it up, how does that help them? It doesn't. And that is the problem with a scrimmage in general. The areas that are not practiced will never be improved on. And it shows in my game. As a result, I try and fore check. I try to move players out of the crease and I don't mind some contact.

Anyway, an okay night for me. Not my strongest performance, but definitely helpful. The drills showed me what I need to work on.


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