Thursday, December 2, 2010

Decisions, decisions. Where will I play?

I spent some significant time during the day yesterday trying to figure out where I would be playing in January (one night a week of Goaldiggers hockey isn't cutting it). As I stated before, there is a league that is part of the class I'm currently in. They play real close to home, and seem to be at the same level as me, and are genuinely nice guys.

I sort of talked to a few people around the league, and it seems to be full. That is crazy to me. They cannot add extra teams, and get more ice time? It sounds as if the league also is filled with ringers. I don't like that. If a team wins +80% of their games, move them up a level! I am a firm believer in that the players you add to a team should not be better than your best player, or worse than your worst player. It'd be difficult to do, but is a rule to stick to if possible.

HNA is not as ridiculous as I thought, because I've noticed that the closer you get to the city, the more expensive the league is. I've also been noticing at their games, the more ridiculous rules haven't been enforced. It ultimately is like every other league, except it is played at a few different rinks, and has the levels broken out fairly and evenly.

Now I could just go back to the Immortals which are an HNA team, but they're mid season, and can't add players. I'd have to wait until May or something. Instead, I'd go through the beginner program again. This time I'd at least know the goalie really well who would be on my team. It would result in one more training class, but until I learn to stop the way I want to, I can still attend those.

I talked to a player played with once or twice about his skating classes. Apparently, he's taken and loved the Laura Stamm power skating classes. From the look of it, I don't feel I'm a good enough skater to be in them. The other important part is that they're only a weekend deal, and don't happen until the summer time in the Chicago area, so taking skating classes looks grim.

What is important to me is to be on a team where I know at least a few people. I've noticed it makes a big difference in going to the rink when you're not super excited about it. When I was first on the Goaldiggers, I didn't know anyone, and rarely said a word, ever. As I got to know them better and be a bit more outgoing, it was more fun, even if there was a bad night.

Bottom line, I'm not sure where I'll be for a second team yet, but it doesn't feel like it will be the Immortals. I am in search of pure skating classes, and decisions need to start being made.

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