Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Goaldiggers vs. Black Ice - 2011-07-10

As I sit here bruised, sore, and still tired from the game that was almost 48 hours ago, I cannot think of a reason to not be pleased with my performance. Well rested, well prepared, I knew I was going to play well.

On my first shift, I was able to do something that has been weighing on me a little bit. In our own zone, I was able to catch the pass from the d-man, turn, and carry the puck out of our own zone into the other zone. I skated around players and wasn't intimidated as they came near me. At the end, I had three opponents around me and I was able to give the puck to one of the other forwards. But just having that first shift just put me in a better state to play.

I felt really comfortable with my line. We kept the puck in their zone very well for the first period. We generated a lot of chances, and I think it really tired their d-men out as later on in the game, our team as a whole had more time. All three of us worked on the boards really well, got shots, and made decent passes. Unfortunately, the goalie was really solid down low and nothing more would come of it.

At one point, I was playing on the power play (me on the power play is usually a disaster), when the guy came out of the box, picked up the puck and skated through the neutral zone with his head down. From what I remember, the d-man we had out there were out there a little bit longer than normal, so I attempted to come over and knock him off the puck. We collided, and it was a sudden stop for both of us as the puck kept going, so mission accomplished. But he caught me in the ribs with the end of his stick or something and it took the wind out of me, and left a colorful bruise.

For the past few games, I've been playing with the same winger, and we're seem to be playing well together despite the results not being there. Tonight we would cash in. While he carried the puck into the zone, about 15 feet away, I would catch up to him, he passed over and I would onetime it, but not get all of it. It went low, but he was able to hammer in the rebound.

I think the team got stronger as the game went on, especially in the last 5 minutes. I definitely feel we deserved the victory, and outplayed the other team, but ended up losing 5-3 or something like that. I feel I played well, and I'm hoping to continue it.

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