Sunday, July 10, 2011

Piranhas vs. Grizzlies - 2011-07-06

I made the mistake of staying up too late the night before. I've had an issue with this in the past where I just stay up really late for no reason. Needless to say, I felt tired all day, and I required a solid nap before the game.

The game felt opposite of my most recent Goaldiggers game. I started well, but ended poorly, or at least it felt that way.

My stick handling was off all night. I would catch passes, take them up the ice, but as soon as a defenseman came by me, I would drop it. It became a little frustrating to me. Our team as a whole didn't get a whole lot of shots off, and when I got the puck I was unable to as well. We would scramble in our own zone, and wouldn't spread out to create opportunities to pass.

My line mate had never played with this team, so I was glad to play with him as I still am new. We both were decent skaters, and he was very good, but had some rust. We did trip over each other it seemed. I can remember us trying to go to the same open area, and then noticing each other than we'd try to stay away by changing direction, but then just follow each other. It will take time to see how to play with each other.

I had a glorious opportunity to score, but the goalie made an outstanding save. While I was standing in the slot, the center made a great pass in front of me. I was able to walk in, and get a great shot off. The goalie on the other hand had other plans. He was able to get over, make the save, and cover it to eliminate any second chance opportunities.

I need to work on my stick handeling. Had it been better, we could have had more chances. Additionally, I need to be more discipline about preparing for the game. This includes plenty of rest, being hydrated, and having the right food in my stomach.

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