Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coyotes Practice 2011-08-13

It had been over a week and half since I had laced up my skates. I was excited as hell to get on the ice. I knew I'd be late, so missing my normal warm up routine would have to do. I joined in the drills early, trying to focus on my skating stride, and doing things correctly, rather than quickly. I was more focused on my technique than actually beating the goalie, or anything.

It caused a lot of trouble. I focused on my skating stride, getting accurate shots, and it isn't what I'm used to. Bending at the knees, griping the stick lower down is what I'm supposed to do. It just takes getting used to. It did help me lift the puck better. It did help me increase my speed. What it did not do is help with my turning. It'll just take getting used to.

The scrimmage did not go well. It felt like everyone was standing still to me. No one was moving their feet - including me. When I'm a guest at a team's practice, I like to make sure that the team gets their practice and chances, but I couldn't help out anyone. It felt I was invisible because everything was moving so slow.

So I felt I didn't work really hard, it was more about technique and looking. I need a lot of work there, so I think it was a decent practice for me.

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