Friday, September 2, 2011

Coyotes Practice - 2008-08-28

The last few Piranha games, we've been short on players. I decided I better start getting used to playing on the Blue line for the good of the team. The Coyotes are a team who struggle offensively, so playing defense in their practice would be ideal. We worked on breakouts, and I acted as a fore checker. I'm already fine with this, but it was nice to get some practice on skating back hard, turning, and playing defense one on one. The bigger drill for me was a triangle passing drill. It really helped me with my positioning and anticipation of a pass. Racing down into the corners, and then trying to get the puck out is more exhausting than I remember from previous times on the blue line.

Skating backwards and stopping are two weaknesses of mine. When going forward stop decently on my right foot, and I'm very hit or miss on the left. I think I found part of my problem today. When I skate, my left foot is always on an angle, where as my right foot is always strait. When I go to stop, my foot isn't square, and as a result, I can't push off on it. Without visuals, I cannot explain it correctly, but as I fiddled with the position of my left foot, it helped.

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