Sunday, October 20, 2013

2013-10-20 Red Stars vs. Coyotes

This year my role on the Coyotes is a lot different than it was the year before. I have a bigger part in the team's success, and getting more from the players. I look at some of the other guys I've played with in my position, and I drew a little bit from each in terms of what I should do and what I shouldn't be doing.
One was be flexible, because there are always game time changes. While I was originally supposed to float through the lines, but instead, I had to take one of the left winger's spots. I wasn't anticipating something like this but I felt comfortable in doing it. I feel I could play any position on the Coyotes and be effective.

I started out really strong. In my first shift, I did things that I've only done in practice. Not only did I do them this time, I did them well. I got the defender moving, stopped, went the other way, stopped, and then went the other way, eventually getting around him - carrying  the puck into the zone and generating a scoring chance. I felt like I controlled the play at the time because I had the puck for so long. It felt good. But perhaps I liked it a bit too much. I was told that I had my head down a bit, and missed an open pass to the slot. Once I was told that though, I looked for it, and I hit the guy with great passes.

I did a really good job on the goal line extended, driving it to the net, getting the puck in high scoring areas. As a result, I had a handful of shots, and came away with two assists for the night. The first one I thought was my goal. I picked up the puck in the corner and drove to the top of the crease. I picked up my own rebound and put it home. Somehow the other winger got credit for it. The other assist was a pass from our blue line, into the neutral zone as the right winger was breaking up the side. He had so much speed that he didn't have to do anything to get past the defense and hammer it home.

I did make a few bonehead moves. I did an aggressive drop pass at the blue line that went no where, and created a chance going the other way. I also felt that I came down too low on defense a few too many times.

I was pleased with my performance. Two assists is a good night at any level. The Coyotes would win 4-2.

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