Thursday, October 17, 2013

Squirrel's Personal Season Preview 2013-2014

I look back at my last season, and I almost hit every goal I had for myself. I became a point per game player on the Piranhas, won a championship with the team. I developed my speed, and confidence with the puck. I created something that resembles a scoring touch (I can say that because I've scored a goal that wasn't on a rebound!). Perhaps most importantly, I developed my stability on my skates. I no longer fall when someone brushes against me. I kept my attendance up all year, didn't hit any big ruts, stayed healthy and made it to Toronto. The only goal I didn't hit was the Coyotes in Toronto. I know I pulled my weight when it was on the line for that one. What I didn't anticipate is a divisional shake up that made it significantly more difficult to get there. Therefore I call last winter a success.

This summer though, I didn't progress the way I wanted. Personal issues made it difficult to focus and prepare. I know that it I'm not out of the woods with it yet, ut I feel like I'm on the right path to regaining that focus. But this summer wasn't a total loss for me. I saw a ton of ice time with the Piranhas, and pickup skates. I additionally skated with the Grim Reapers, a team in a much higher division. Perhaps the best thing I did this summer was add strength and cardiovascular training to my week. I go hard when I do them, and I feel stronger and more confident than ever. I have this indescribable intensity and blood flow when I'm there and I know it has spilled over onto the ice.

I have an idea of what can happen this year. I believe that I will take on a bigger role on both the Piranhas and Coyotes. These will be more difficult years for both teams, it will be more difficult for me, and I think it is a good thing. When I hit all of my goals, I often wonder if I pushed myself enough. It won't be that way this year. I'm ready, I feel great, and I'm eagerly waiting the season to start.

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