Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Piranha Season Preview 2013-2014

Of the last 4 possible championships, The Piranhas have won 3 of them. Our winning percentage this summer was above 90%. The team has gone to Toronto, made it to the semi-finals and then was eliminated by a team from Chicago in a higher division, yet we did skate with them. It is hard to say that the Piranhas have been anything but successful lately.

This year the Piranhas have added 2 very experienced players, and a promising young defensemen. It is no surprise that we've moved up. Additionally, the league has combined divisions, so we'll be playing some very talented teams. I'm excited about it. However, some of the team is cautious entering the season. While no one expects us to win the same number of games as last year, most seem to be willing to give it a shot.

Already an established team, not too much has changed. We'll get our normal full time winter guys back, and the new guys are a welcomed addition. The challenges are bigger than they've ever been since I've been on the team. We're going to give it our best shot and see how it goes.

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