Friday, May 23, 2014

Stepping Away from the Coyotes

Early this morning, I informed the Coyotes that I decided to step away from the team. This was not an easy decision, but probably best for both parties. It hurts because I really wanted to help the Coyotes move forward. I did not do that. To call my only season as captain of the Coyotes a failure is an understatement. 

The truth is I cannot commit to the Coyotes, and give them what they need anymore. This season was tough because of a variety of reasons away from the ice. When I ask myself if those distractions are gone, the answer is no.

Playing on two teams is not possible for me at this time in life. I will continue skating with the Piranhas. Had I continued to play on two teams, I would not perform with the passion that I demand of myself. I chose the Piranhas because they're a significantly lower maintenance team, and can handle if in the probable scenario that I'm flaky. The Coyotes need a greater commitment, and more time away from the rink than I have.

However, that also means my expectations for the Piranhas are higher because I'm focused on just them. No double headers, no conflicts, no back to backs. Supplement my hockey requirement with my own skates, rat hockey, scheduled practices, Puck Pros, and others' scrimmages where I can pick and chose.

This is a step back for me, but will allow me to get back to having fun, and focusing on the game.

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