Thursday, June 18, 2015

Grim Reapers and Aces scrimmage

The Reapers and Aces invited me out to a scrimmage to help evaluate a newly formed team. I was asked to play defense, which is something I haven’t done much of in almost two years. New skates, and just a new mindset would make it very different for me. But I did it, not knowing about the team I was playing against. I recognized a few players but not all of them.

I started out a little shaky. I broke the chin strap on my helmet, which threw me off my first shift. But as the night went on, I felt much more comfortable attacking as a defensemen. I had this speed and trust from my forwards that I could take it in, get the puck to the net, and then come back to the blue line before the opponents could regain possession.  I think it is because all night the forwards kept giving up the blue line and coming back when I’m used to a more aggressive fore check.

My positioning needed work. I need to remind myself as I play on the blue line that I need to stay within the dots, and that there isn’t a third guy in the middle to help cover it. I need to push players to the outside, and not give so much space towards the middle of the ice. I did better with that as the night went on.

I am happy with how I played. I had a little rust but it came off quick.

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