Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Piranhas vs. Mastodons 2015-06-23

During warm ups, I felt like I was moving better than ever. I was low, quick, going left and right well. I couldn’t handle the puck at all, but that’s nothing new. My mind was so focused on the game, and I was so well prepared, I knew I would have a solid effort. I was going to be the third line out. The first two lines were dominated on the ice. It made me a little concerned that the two stronger lines were not controlling the play better. I jump out onto the ice, receive a great breakout pass from my winger. I bring it in, and end up going into the corner with the puck. I had the puck on the wall for a good 10 seconds. Going left, look up, I have nothing. Back to the right, and I look, another opponent. Can I go backwards and into the slot? That crosscheck from behind tells me nope. 

The game went on a lot more like that. I played extremely well on the wall. I was very strong on my stick and played the body well along the wall. The Mastodons are a big team who play a more physical style of hockey, so they’re prepared for that sort of play. That though drains you a lot faster. It definitely impacted me in the second and third periods. In the defensive zone, I found it harder to go into the corners and put pressure on the puck carrier. I had a few shots on goal. One was on a power play where I carried it through the middle, used the defense men as a screen, kept going as fast as I could, got around the defense men, picked up my rebound and shot again.  I would up with four shots I think, but only one that was really solid.

I liked my game. Conditioning needs to come back, but it will quickly.  I only made maybe one or two mistakes, such as a softer pass to enter the zone that got picked off, or miscommunication with my line mates. 

The Piranhas would win 4-3 in overtime.


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