Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Goaldiggers vs. Immortal 2010-11-08

I went to the rink kind of excited. I went in with a positive attitude and hoped it would show up. I decided to use the new RBK two-piece tonight, simply because I'm tired of waiting. I got to the rink and saw not only was it the olympic sided rink, which I love, but tonight's matchup was the Goaldiggers vs. Immortal! Slightly different from an old team, but funny to think about. I always thought Immortals was a unique name, but a variation is in my other league.

I like the Olympic sized rink. I feel a stronger part of my game lately is my speed. I may not be able to stop, but at least once I build up some speed it makes a difference. It also allows a lot more room to work with the puck. I feel it'd give me a little extra time to make a move and be patient.

I started on the ice, and the opponents scored 30 seconds into the game. Always tough to swallow but whatever. I stayed out there, and on the fore check I was able to break up a D to D pass, and get around the defenseman. I shot, and the whistle blew. Apparently, I was hooked after I got past the d-man. I didn't feel it so I'm going to assume it was a bad call. Stayed out there for the powerplay. I picked up the puck on the half boards. I didn't have much of a shot, the other winger was covered. I saw the centerman standing on the goal line, open. I gave him the puck and he tried a wrap around while I was driving towards the center. No luck. Our D-man pinched in, puck came out and the opponents scored on a 2-1 breakaway... shorthanded. Shift over.
Next shift, I came down too low in our own zone. I started drifting back to cover my d-man, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw him sneaking into the slot. He got hit with a pass and scored. 100% my fault. Down 0-3, on the ice for all 3 goals. The Goaldiggers would keep pinching, and getting caught, giving up odd man rushes. Usually our D is fast enough to get back, but the Immortal were very good skaters.

Eventually the Goaldiggers would score, but escape the period being down 5-1. I felt I played much better in the second. I had a nice play along the boards, where I was able to beat two players, and get the puck back to the other forward. It amazes me how frequently I go against bigger guys along the wall and come out victorious. I had one play where I got the puck down low, and shot from the goal line. I put it behind the goalie, but it didn't hit anything and just went into the corner. It felt like it was moving pretty well. I'd later have a shot on goal where I'd put it right into the goalie's pads. The Goaldiggers would then be down 4-5 after 2 periods.

In the third, I was covering for a pinching d-man. A puck came out, I stepped up. I fumbled the puck, but put a quick low shot/pass towards the net and the left winger. He'd tip it, but it'd go out of play. The worst play of the night though still has me shaking my head 12 hours ago. It is the type of play that gives you nightmares. I'm coming back down the ice as fast as I can. My center has a one on one. He goes into the corner, and the d-man falls. He gets the puck to the slot where I am. I go to one time it and I whiff. The puck lays next to me, and I stll can't get enough stick on it. The goalie was down, and I had all day. The back checkers were not coming hard, and I had all day to shoot, yet I rush and fail.

Final score was a 6-6 tie. Good come back from being down 5-1.

I felt I played well, but the mistakes I made were amplified by speed and the size of the rink. a

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